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Innovation at its inception is frail may be inconspicuous. Let me be she says. For its taken for me almost a billion years of #darwinism in making. diary of a bootstrapping entrepreneur 21st June circa 2021 A.D.

Bascially how proud we must be that we are innovating! Our creations will always be frail at inception. Thats how babies are born. Seeds germinate. These must survive test of times before what we make becomes great.

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    Interesting. What exactly do you think is the underlying psychology here? 🤔

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      Generally those who critic an innovation compare it with existing solutions. Creators get disheartened by this. They should not.

      Thing is when say calf is born or even a baby, they are still frail and week. It will take years to mature. Parents take care of their child defend it against vaugries of nature till child becomes a grown perosn.

      Similarly with innovation the first iteration is always frail. It need to be nurtured. Then over years it take shape. Entrepreneur must defend it with all might.

      But that a baby was born took a billion years of evolution. There is no other planet that has life.

      It took a billion years of evolution for an entrepreneur to make his innovation also. So every thing an inventor makes is special in itself.

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        This is a good analogy and it makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

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