Beginning my public journey

I started my indie journey about an year ago and now I've two apps on the App Store. I never shared much about this in public forums for reasons most of you are already very familiar with.

Now I've decided to go public and share the journey. I could not find any place better than Indie Hackers to start with, but will also be available in my personal blog.

Countdown gives you information about how long you have before any upcoming event in your calendar. I've described about why I built another Countdown app in the midst of already many existing apps in this milestone post. It's mainly because all those apps had the same problem. It has got 200+ downloads and one percent conversion rate.

Swimbols is a tool for iOS developers to design SF Symbols and export SwiftUI code. I built this mainly to solve the problems I had when working with SF Symbols mac app and Xcode. Its got only 20+ downloads but 10% conversion rate, since four days of releasing alongside macOS Big Sur.

ie. both of my apps have two paid users each. 😜

I've done no self-promoting or marketing, except for some occasional tweets. I'm working on polishing the apps before spreading the word even more.

I'm also working on a design tool for mobile, which helps to design
and preview live in your iPad and iPhone. It also will generate SwiftUI
code for the designed views, which you can put in Xcode and connect with business logic. It is in private beta, right now. If anyone wants to be part of the fun ride, let me know.

I got the idea for this design tool because most of the time,
inspiration strikes for new designs of my app only when I'm in the wild
and away from my Mac. So I decided to build a design tool I can carry
wherever I go. And I can see the design live in my mobile, how it will
look. It feels to be the most challenging project I've worked on till
now and that is where the fun lies.

Going forward, I will post here about my progress every other week. Wish me luck, fellow indies! Let's enjoy the journey!

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