Product Development July 6, 2020

Being a Indie Hacker is an opportunity to show our uniqueness

Matthieu Cneude @MatthieuCneude

I was reading On Writing Well, which is a fantastic book for non-fiction writers. Since we are all occasional writers when we write our landing pages or our blogs, I would advice anybody here to read it.

I was reading this passage:

What I realized was that most executives in America don't write what appears over their signature or what they say in their speeches. They have surrendered the qualities that make them unique. If they and their institutions seem cold, it's because they acquiesce in the process of being pumped up and dried out.
Preoccupied with their high technology, they forget that some of the most powerful tools they possess—for good and for bad—are words.

This reminded me of Indie Hackers and the fact that, as solo founders, we can communicate more easily than big corporations how unique we are and how unique our product can be. We can give our own sincere voice. We can have this humanity and warmth toward our customers.

All of that to say that we shouldn't be ashamed to be alone (or a very small team) building our products. I think it's a real benefit, and we should use it.