Bem vindos! (the clichéd introduce yourself thread)


This is the group for IndieHackers living near Lisbon! Let's know each other!

I'm Fernando, a Brazilian living in Portugal. I work with Data Analytics and Products by day, and on my side-project, Pluckd, by night.

Prazer em conhece-lo!

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    Hi, I'm an American in Cascais. My Spanish husband and I are building SiteArcade. When the virus count goes down in a week or two, we'd love to meet somewhere outdoors. I've also got Estonia e-residency, but our company is currently founded in Texas (where the taxes are also pretty darn good).

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      Nice! We definetely should hold a Indiehacker Meetup when things settle down!

      SiteArcade looks very carnival-lesque! (though I didn't quite understand what it does...)

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        Ah yes, we're not promoting it yet, so that landing page is just a stand-in for when we add screenshots and such. We offer auto-updated, professional websites for authors... in a few months. ;) Thanks for setting this group up!

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      Followed both here and on Twitter!

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    Hey, I'm Mike, originally from Italy. I'm bootstrapping multiple SaaS =)

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      This is quite impressive! Did you open a company for each of them?

      (I ask because I've just schedule to go to Empresa na Hora two weeks from now and suddenly all these legal and tax-related doubts are surging)

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        Nope, my company is in Estonia. I live in Portugal through NHR

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          Ha! Me too! :D
          (the NHR, not the company)

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