Benchmarking as a service?

Are there any services which allows to benchmark on cloud (i'm more interested in instance + database benchmarks) for read/write workloads and share the results.

Of-course, I can do it on my end but I see it time consuming. Would be great if any such services already exist.


  1. What will be the RPS when running minimal load on f1-micro instance on GCP?
  2. What will be the TPS when running Postgres on f1-micro instance on GCP?


  1. 1

    Interesting idea, I thought about this before for optimising API latency. There is artillery.io, but I found it difficult generating representative workloads & having useful visualisations with their open source version.

    The main thing you want to benchmark is instance size? Or trying different databases?

    1. 2

      Both will be pretty useful.
      Consider checking how much nginx reverse proxy will perform on f1-micro instance on gcp for exampel

  2. 1

    I wonder if there is a need for this so that it can become a product?

    1. 1

      Yep. I was thinking the same but however anyone can use the idea for free :)
      Just wondering if something like this exists as its pretty useful for any who wants to know how the performance is.

  3. 1

    what kind of benchmark are you looking at?

    1. 1

      Just added examples. Please have a look.

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