Best crypto payments gateway?

I'm currently working on a crypto related project where my customers will be people wanting to pay in eth rather than fiat currencies. What I'm looking for is basically something like stripe but that allows payment with eth, and I want your opinion on the options I've found.

I've found two options so far, Metamask and Coinbase eCommerce.

Metamask is very simple and straightforward, you can basically use some javascript to connect to metamask and prompt the user for a set payment via the metamask browser extension. As far as I can tell, Metamask will return a success/fail message and then you would have to pass that onto your server in order to store the customer info so you can tell who paid and who didn't.

Coinbase eCommerce seems much more like stripe, with a custom checkout that handles the payment, and a dashboard with info and stats etc. As far as I can tell, you MIGHT be able to setup a recurring subscription as well, although I haven't been able to confirm this.

I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions, or experience using either of these products. Thanks!

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