Best integration for my Webflow form to collect info and send newsletters.

👋 Hey. So I've built my website in Webflow (founderoo.co). With the site, I have a form so that people can subscribe to my newsletter. The form works and when someone subscribes the details are collected in the project settings form section of my Weblfow account.

Now that's all great. I have 15 people signed up, I'm stoked. Now I'm trying to work out the best way to automate things so that when someone signs up they get there intro email to welcome them.

After the welcome email they'll get the same newsletter that everyone gets every week or every two weeks.

I have looked at lots of email marketing integrations but not sure which way to go. I was considering Tiny Letter to get started as they can do up to 5000 people for free. Plus it's a simple format which is what I want /need.

Any help on this would be great. How can I automate the first email when people sign up.


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