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Best method to digitally sign documents?

Canin Carlos @CultureClap

So I'm starting a podcast (5Qi)

Though I want to make sure I get the proper releases from my guests; while making it as easy as possible for them to sign.

DocuSign seems to be the market leader in this regard; any other services one should know about ?

Sidenote: I've always just opened up LibreOffice, or Xournal, and pasted in my signature.

Reading a comment below, I wonder, is this even legit ??

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    Whatever signing service you use, you should know that digital signing is highly-regulated business. That means that anyone who has overcome the entry barriers would work well.

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      Super good to know!! Thank you!

      I've always just opened up xournal and pasted in my signature ...

      From what you've written this isn't entirely legitimate I suspect ??

      Yes / No / Maybe ??

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        Never heard of Xournal before, but from the quick Google search, it just enables pasting your signature on a document. That's not a real e-sign and wouldn't be legally-binding.
        I would suggest using Docusign or any other provider from this list
        This is a list of EU-approved qualified trust services providers, including e-sign providers. Thay've all met EU's entry requirements, and those are quite high. Just click on any of the countries and it will show you the companies authorized to do business there.

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          Again, much obliged for relieving me of my ignorance!!

          Mind you, I'm operating out of the US, which admittedly may have more lax rules / laws about these things ??

          Perhaps an inquiry for later investigation

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            My work experience is related only to providers registered in the EU. I am not aware of US laws.

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