Community Building September 21, 2020

Best newsletter service to grow an audience

Dimitris Kotsakos @dimkots

Hello IH! While building Feedgrip we thought it would be valuable as many of you propose to build an audience. Thus, I decided to start my own newletter/mailing list where I will be posting about topics and problems we tackle as we grow bigger.

Which service would you propose? We've used Mailchimp in the past, but I am open to suggestions. I am thinking of hosting it on GH pages, is there any better alternative?

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    Convertkit is definitely easy to use.
    Add a blog to your website, use a convertkit form to get newsletter subscribers.
    Mail out newsletter content an new blog content through Convertkit.

    They've got a free tier now too so it's great for an indie startup.

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    I've heard a lot about You should definitely check it out as well. My product is in the stage of building the initial audience right now. We have been considering to user as well.

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    This is pretty subjective. Do you want to gate your content (make it not searchable online), or do you want it out in the public? Do you want to customize your emails with first names, etc.?

    MailerLite is free up till 1000 subscribers and is what I use, but many are using Substack for its user-friendliness. Substack has limited functionality for customization.

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      Thanks a lot for the questions @Janel! To be really honest, I did not give these aspects a thought before coming here! I will probably narrow these down as I move on.

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    A friend of mine recommended Substack. Has anyone had experience with it?

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      I use and like Substack. It's limited on features that typical newsletters have, but the fact that it looks more like a blog than a newsletter is actually a good thing.

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        Took the words right out of my mouth. I just stripped the blog functionality out of my new personal website and added in a substack form instead.

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    I personally use Netlify (very generous free tier for static file hosting) + Sendy hosted on a DO server.

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    My newsletter reached 10 subscribers!! 🤘

    Even if they are mostly friends, it feels both very nice and stressful, because I have to make these people happy!

    This is the tweet I posted to promote the newsletter:

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    🙌 Thanks a lot all of the people who replied to this thread. Substack it is for now. I liked the simplicity and the customization options as well as the fact that it free.

    The Grip by Dimitris it is, feel free to subscribe if the topics match your interests.

    tl;dr Startups and Product Management in weekly batches.

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