Best NFT Use Case: Bona Fide Token (Day 577)

NFT can be used as proof of authenticity, such as proof of attendance, ownership, KYC, and proof of legal signing, etc.

What if a good faith token--"bona fide token" (BFT) or "fidelity" token--is used for dating?

I was listening to how Bumble--the creator of Tinder removes one feature--removing the ability to make the first contact from guys--Bumble was designed only to allow women to initiate contact, which reduces undesirable behaviors of some users on the dating platform.

Dating apps face other challenges like (a lack of) identity verification or background checks and ways to identify serious relationship seekers vs. players. These problems, however, can be solved by using NFTs quite easily.

The identity check (via KYC) is readily available. By introducing a "fidelity" token, where each person only receives one token (NFT)--they can date multiple people while exploring. But once they are ready for commitment, they can lock the token in a smart contract to show proof of commitment. They don't have to reveal to the public to whom they are committed, but the recipient of that token can know that they are (using Claimable).

The above can be an interesting twist of using Molecule x Claimable for a "safe" and "bona fide" dating app.

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