Twitter August 4, 2020

Best people to follow on Twitter for SaaS?

Preetam Nath @hipreetam93

I'm looking to expand my Twitter follow list and see more tweets about SaaS in my feed.

Who are the best people you would recommend following on Twitter who talk about building, growing & marketing SaaS products?

Would love recommendations from fellow IHers on who they follow. I've asked the same question on Twitter so I'll be sharing recommendations that I receive.

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    I'm also very interested! Starting to use Twitter myself to document my SaaS growth.

    Personal account
    App account

    Will give you a follow!

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    The SaaS Twitter list now contains 25 members and 56 followers.

    Unfortunately most of the recommendations are people I already know. Looking to expand my horizon beyond them. Here's the criteria:

    • people who post tweets related to SaaS
    • could be SaaS founders sharing lessons
    • it could also be SaaS marketers, sales people, pricing experts, copywriters, content writers
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