Best place to start gathering a community about your product?

I recently started spreading the word about a new 3D software I'm working on, and I'm finding interested people in different platforms, like Reddit, Facebook, etc.. The product is a beta with early access, so they subscribed and that's it. Since this is my first attempt at building a community, I am now wondering where to gather them.

Op. 1 - Create a group per platform (a subreddit, a Facebook group, a discord server, an open Trello roadmap, etc...) - this sounds like a lot to manage from my side, but I'd reach users where they are, no need for them to create other accounts. But they would be very scattered, only a few people per group probably.

Op. 2 - Create a proprietary community in the product website. Sounds like a good idea, but needs development and I'm not sure people would want to create an account just to leave suggestions/bug reports.

What do you think? What's your experience?

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