Best practices to develop a healthy remote-first company culture

Now that I am starting to build a team I've gathered the best practices I am applying to build a team remotely. My intention is to get people from different continents, talent comes first and the internet is the perfect enabler. The following are some tips and tricks that will make it easier to develop a healthy remote work mentality.

  • Encourage everyone to communicate and share feedback:
    A great remote-first company culture focuses on communication. Allowing everyone to speak their mind and listening to what they have to say is very productive.

  • Offer the best remote infrastructure
    Make sure that your team has all they need in order to work efficiently. Using tools like Slack for example boost team management and it also makes tracking tasks a lot easier. You can also rely on cloud solutions for storing and sharing documents. The idea is to constantly bring in the best remote work solutions and implement them wisely. Your team will be happy and a lot more productive.

  • Automation is key
    Finding ways to automate tasks for your remote team can be very important. You do want to make sure that you focus on ways that increase workflow efficiency. Automating even the simplest tasks will open up more time for your team to work on those things that really matter.

  • Perform team building activities on Zoom
    The truth is that it can be difficult to connect with each other when most of the team works remotely. Something as simple as discussing movies, sharing ideas and even playing some games while social distancing can help a lot. You want to help your team relax and unwind, so any remote team building activities will help a lot.

  • Stay away from employee monitoring tools
    A lot of business owners believe that employees waste time when they work remotely. The truth is that employees are more efficient when they work from home. Which is why the best company culture is focused on transparency and trust.

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