Best product analytics tool for early startups?

Like the title says: what's the best product analysis tool for early-stage startups in the post-product-market fit stage?

Which one is your favorite, and why?

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    Well, I'm biased (co-founder), but it's pirsch.io for web analytics. It starts at $4/months and you can get a lot of useful information out of it. We have some customers that also use it for mobile apps by sending events.

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      Thanks! I'll give it a try

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    For user based analytics like geolocation, pageviews, performing pages you can try appmetrix.com

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    hockeystack.com takes no time to set up and has a nice free plan

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    Still researching this. Have tried Mixpanel, and am currently testing out Heap for the second time. They've been a bit heavy for setup and I had to have a theory of what to chart/dashboards to build + analytics data pipeline for most to work out (Heap has it's own event tracking if you don't have a multiplexer like Segment).

    Looking forward to trying out more pre-built stuff like Pirsch and June soon too which my gut says will cover a lot of early use-cases.

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    Amplitude by far for product analytics, also you can play around with google analytics 4.

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    In terms of marketing analytics, Mixpanel is awesome. An alternative route is to use a Customer Data Platform like Segment which boosts the capability of your tech stack.

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      I took a look at those, but they seem too expensive for my usage

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