Best tips for start blogging about your startup?

Some random questions I'm curious about

  • What are the mistakes you made?
  • What is your strongest advice?
  • What are the most common (SEO) problems?
  • What were your growth tactics?

My motivation to write a blog related to my startup/project

I want to invest time on content marketing for the following reasons:

  • Product explanation & clarification
    • My assumption is that just a landing page is not enough.
    • I strongly believe in the startup and want to enrich the product with relevant content
  • Visitor behaviour & need learning
    • I want to learn what posts trigger visitors the most. Maybe this data can help me in further decision on product development
  • Organic growth
    • I've never tried to grow organically through content, so I want to try it!

The blog section is at the bottom of the landing page:

Some notes:

  • I intentionally didn't add a menu item for "blog(s)". I find it distracting from the product itself. Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe it's something cool to A/B test for my product.
  • I only created 1 blog post so far.
  • If I have more than 2 blog posts, a button will appear to "Read more articles" to the /blog page. This means from then, there will be an internal link.

Any tips, tops, cons (...) is appreciated!

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    I've learned mostly from experience and talking with other people that content marketing is very important nowadays. As you've already mentioned, it can generate organic traffic very efficiently.

    This is why I'm currently working on adding a functional blog page for my latest project BotMeNot. I'm not satisfied with its organic traffic and I'm expecting to see a significant improvement once I get the blog going after a couple of weeks.

    I think that delivering quality content is key and that many people (including myself sometimes) fall into the frequency trap where you are just pumping out content for the sake of it. On the other hand, I think activity matters from the SEO standpoint and I think I'll manage to publish something at least once a week. It's a golden balance sort of a thing.

    I've also looked at your website and I think that it looks nice (and that it will look even nicer once you have more posts). However, I think you should either add a button somewhere on top of the page which will scroll the page down to the blog section OR have a separate page for your blog posts, again with a button somewhere in the header. I think currently you're risking that some of your visitors may not scroll down far enough on your website and consequentially not even know that your blog exists!

    Thanks for a good discussion!

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    Hey Justin, here's a few answers to your questions.

    Top mistake: Top mistake was not promoting the blog and articles enough. If you don't do it, noone will do it for you, especially if you're relatively unknown, and Google will take longer to index.

    Top advice: Write content directly related to your product or service so that you always have an actionable CTA which can garner sales directly.

    Top SEO Problem: It's hard to keep motivated when trying to outrank the established behemoths. But you just gotta keep chipping away and slowly things will start going your way.

    Top growth hack: We built our own custom tool to share our blog posts (and other content) onto 15+ social platforms at once, which helped drastically with distribution. It worked so well that we then turned it into our new SaaS called GrindZero which a social media growth suite that is entering beta soon. We effectively use our own service to promote and sell our service!

    Hope it helps.

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    Mistakes I made:

    • Thinking that all users have valuable feedback.
    • Not spending enough time understanding the competitive landscape of my market
    • Hiring outsourced developers who were code jockeys but not creative, outside-the-box thinkers/builders
    • being too enamored with the whole silicon valley capital/VC industry

    Strongest advice:

    • Watch david rusenkos (weebly) interview on finding product market fit
    • watch brian cheskys (airbnb) interview on finding product market fit

    Growth tactics:

    • currently just doing videos about our software to my social media following
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