Best tool to track freelance hours?

I'm looking for something that ideally lives in my Mac task bar that I can basically "click on" and "click off" to track freelance hours against projects.

I figure this must exist already and I figure this is the best place to ask.


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    Clockify (https://clockify.me/) is really nice. ALl the best!

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      This is incredible. Can't believe it's free.

      Thank you.

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    I might be biased here since I’m the creator, but you can check out Orbit (https://timeinorbit.com) 😉 We do have a menu bar item where you can start/stop the latest timer, is this what you’re after?

    Let me know if you want to try it out, happy to send you a promo code 🙂

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      Looks cool! Promo code would be gratefully received.

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        Email sent! Let me know if you have any feedback or questions :)

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    I have been using Harvest for the past several years and have been a big fan of it. They have a free plan but I have found the $12/month to be worth it. The invoicing feature and ability for clients to pay invoices online has been a major convenience factor.

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    Thanks to this thread, I realized my simple needs could be met by the free version of Harvest.

    I've been paying for a tool with way more features than I need for my solo consulting work. The old software is nice, but it has cost me over $1,000 over the last 5+ years. 😳

    I migrated my data to Harvest and I have now used it for time tracking for the last couple days... so far, I don't miss anything! I'll send my first invoice with Harvest after the end of the month, and if there are no problems, I'll be cancelling that subscription ASAP.

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    I just use Google Sheets.... I guess this is a little "wakeup call" for me 😅

    I just started freelancing a few months ago so I love learning how I can work better.

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      Used to pay for Harvest (https://www.getharvest.com/) but isnt woth the money - they still have a free plan tho!

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    MeisterTask (https://www.meistertask.com/) is good for time tracking. Toggl used to have a good free tier but not sure if they still have it.

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