Twitter September 8, 2020

Best Twitter follows for IH space?

Colin Monroe @ColinMonroe

Wasn't totally sure what group to post this in, so let me know if I should move this!

I'm recreating a Twitter account after being off the platform for a couple years.

What are some people from the IH/builder community that you would recommend following? Feel free to include yourself as well of course!


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    I'd say:

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    We're building a community of "starters" at , you may see the website is not 100% ready, but we value the process of creation and making it public before is a typical shiny website.

    We love to talk about real things, and giving real people from our experience in the tech industry.

    Our objective is to share real personal projects (with its failures).

    We are noobs at this but you can find us on our twitter accounts. Our DMs are always open to talk!!

    👉 @teodora_dobre
    👉 @rescodeio

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    I tweet mostly about my journey building Pikaso. Feel free to follow: 🙏

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      Looks like an awesome product, followed!

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    thanks for this. I'm feeling equally lost for Twitter.

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      Glad I'm not the only one 😊

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        ok I resurrected my left-for-dead Twitter account Feel free to follow! Thank you!

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    I moved this over to the Twitter group 😇

    This Twitter list may be of interest -

    And of course, you should follow me! 😊

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