May 4, 2019

Best way to get your first 100 waitlist users?

Kevin D.H Kim 🤘 @kebeentrill

Hey guys,

What are some of the best ways to get your first 100-1000 users to sign up on your landing page? Is it still testing with Facebook Ads and using the funnel? I guess it depends on which market you are targeting - in our case people who are interested in sports & gaming.

What other tools or approaches have you guys done and seen working?
Reddit Ads? Instagram Ads? etc.

Would love to find out!

  1. 2

    Did that with PH - got 200 signups (and counting)

  2. 1

    Why do you get so many waitlists? Ads are so effective after launching the product, I think.

    1. 2

      Helps validate an idea before investing further time. At least that’s my plan

  3. 1

    Good question. I'd also be interested in the answers in both a b2b and b2c context 👍