Best way to utilise amazing customer testimonials

I am fortunate enough to have some amazing customer testimonials (household names) on Songbox and these do, definitely, lead to more conversions.

However I installed Hotjar and can see that only about half the people who visit the site scroll down far enough to see them. However they are basically right at the top of the site. Right beneath the hero.

I am going to run an A/B test where they somehow (haven't thought about design yet) actually ARE the hero.

Looking to tap the IH hive mind to see if we think that is uncouth / classless?

What do you reckon? Also can anyone point me to any SaaS homepages where customer testimonials are absolutely front and center?


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    What are users doing if they're not scrolling? Are they bouncing away from the site completely, or are they going to another page?

    The overall goal is clearly to drive users to sign-up, which is done providing the right information at the right time.

    A testimonial above a value proposition is rarely the right order to do things but there are some subtle design things you can do if you think trust in Songbox is an issue. For example, your hero image is of a Songbox using a presumably fake name – could you use one of your renowned people (such as Bryan Adams) in that Hero?

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      Appreciate the feedback. I don't think trust is an issue as such; more like these names give me much more credibility.

      Is that the same thing haha? I dunno.

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        Is it credibility you need? Or the fact you solve a problem or create value for a business that they haven’t realised yet?

        If Songbox were mine I’d be bulking out a load of use case pages explaining how it drives value, using the likes of Bryan Adam’s for credibility

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    Putting Bryan Adam's quote in your hero is not uncouth, it's part of your unfair advantage. The A/B test will determine if it's the right thing to do. Let us know how it goes.

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      Thanks Rab. Always appreciate your input.

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