BETA Built Using Notion!

Hey fellow spreadsheeters!

For anyone who has built their own mini database of commonly used responses, I think this can help because it's going to be a Chrome extension which will store all of your snippets in one place.

I built v1 of the landing page in Notion, hence the odd URL.

Here is the link: https://www.notion.so/Cloud-Templates-b775266edf094b6d992eb32821e08707

Let me know your 1st reaction and if you need this solution!

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    I love Notion, but I don't think it works so well in this use case.
    I understand this is just a v1 of your idea, but in the context of pitching a product, it comes across as something you spent little to no time on.

    Your product deserves better, and this presentation would make me think twice about signing up.

    There are plenty of easy to use and free landing page builders. Cardd and Dorik are the first ones that come to mind. Mailerlite is also a good option that takes care of the landing page and mailing list aspects as well.

    If your product is good, your presentation should be as well.

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      Great feedback. This idea is in the proof of concept. I plan on getting a custom domain once I validate the idea from a high-level. That being said, what’re your thoughts on the solution itself?

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