Growth June 27, 2020

Beta Program Recommendations?

Richard Antao @rmantao

For those of you who have run a beta test/program before, what are 1-2 key lessons that you learned about running a successful beta program?

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    We just completed a 6-week closed beta with 50 users. We learned:

    • Gobs of usability issues. As a result, we are redesigning parts of the app.
    • User expectations within the context of the product experience = new feature ideas.
    • Less than 50% of our beta users were not our target persona. We had easy access to these users, but their feedback yielded little value to us.
    • Before you start, do some prep;
      -- interview scripts;
      -- a tool to record video interviews (we used Google Meet, it's free)
      -- use a feedback data app like Dovetail to organize and visualize data;
      -- set clear expectations with your users on time commitment;
      -- weekly communication with beta group on status
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      Hey @rainbowdash,

      That's great insight! I have a few questions for you if I may:

      • How long was your beta period?
      • Where did you find your beta testers? (what was the ratio between personal contacts and testers from external websites)
      • What were your rewards/incentives/ how did you keep them engaged?
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        Our beta was 6 weeks. We used our 1st degree (and in some cases, 2nd degree) connections to acquire 50 users. Incentives ranged from a $10 Starbucks gift card to the genuine human goodness of helping one another.

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          Love it, thanks for sharing your experience!

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