Beta Testing October 3, 2020

Beta Testing Swaps

Mirvise @Mirv

Hi everyone,

We are looking for people to help test our Slack app for giving and getting feedback on projects/presentations or team performance. To use our app, go to and click Get Started.

Target Audience: Ideally, you are a manager or people leader in your day job or have been in the past and have been responsible for collecting feedback on your direct reports or projects/presentations.

Feedback: Looking to learn how this would or would not fit in your workflow around getting feedback for your direct reports from your peers.

In return, I will beta test your product and give my feedback. Some info about me in case it matches your target audience

Male, Product Manager in IoT Space, Father, Manager with direct reports

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    Happy to swap. I am a previous PM but am solo creator currently. What are the requirements?

    My app is : Looking for people who run/used to run a lot of meetings - team leaders, PMs, etc.

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    I fit the bill and am looking for beta testers. Email me if you would like to talk details (see bio)

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    We usually just reply to a message (that creates a new thread), not sure how is this better, maybe you're saving this feedback (so I can see a weekly review of it)?

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      Thanks @zerotousers.

      Agreed, you can definitely just DM people or start a thread but we have Four big differences :

      1. Save the data in one place, so you can download and reflect on it later, both praise and constructive

      2. People can give you feedback anonymously

      3. We automatically send reminders to people in the channel or in the request to make sure they get a second chance to provide their feedback

      4. You can ask multiple people or multiple channels with one request.

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