April 25, 2019

betapage.co is doing shady business

Willem @metawilm

I wish to describe the shady business that is Betapage.co which is in short: they solicit submission for their listing to grow your visibility, but reveal afterwards that your submission will be processed in due time only if you pay.

After writing about my project here I got a mail the next day from Ekta (@ekta20 here):

"Hey, I hope you are doing well. I am a Community Manager at Beta Page, a huge community of tech lovers and early adopters. I would like to invite you to submit your website: twitterlistmanager.com at the directory of innovative start-ups and products. you can list your tech-based startup even If it is in Beta stage. You will get the best exposure in terms of visibility and traffic here, so Let me know your thoughts If you are interested in a submission."

This sounds useful for a project that can use more visibility, so I tried to submit by supplying a description and image. Then the following message comes afterwards:

"Your startup is under review. We are receiving 30-40 startups daily and we are selecting only 4-5 out of them. We have currently 3833 startups under review, and it will take approximate 32 days for us to review your statup."

with the option for a "Paid Listing ($78)" to skip the queue. So betapage is ostensibly requesting submission they don't have the capacity to handle. Or perhaps the truth is that their business tactic is to get many people to submit, hoping that a big enough fraction of them will pay for their "exposure", "visibility" and "traffic".

Some Googling reveals more disappointment.
#growth #scam

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    They have fixed costs like servers etc.

    It is well known companies like Betalist and Betapage charge to skip the queue.

    If you don't want to pay, just submit it for review and wait.

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    I have created a site for product testing where you can list your product for feedback and it’s free so if anyone is interested you can take a look at AvidTester.com

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    I have a self-promotion section on my site because I understand that when you created something you just want to show it to the world. At the moment the section is only for videos but you can also post a link in the Influencer-Request section of the site. https://wishpage.tv/