April 13, 2019

Bitwards - Accomplish Challenges to Earn Rewards

I was thinking if this idea is good without doing testing and build as side-project.

I'm planning to continue this idea after the idea builds in AngelHack Manila 2014 and only got on top 12. Bitwards is a gamified activity & challenge mobile application that could turn your points into rewards. With Bitwards' gamified concept on physical activities and social engagement. Where user can do challenges in their favorite store or partners and earn points which called "Bits".

Here are some challenges available in my mind: share on a photo or hashtag on social media, buy an item or avail the product.

it is good to do a subscription based and a one-time payment for the special challenge (like a special advertisement) for the partners.

The user can collect Bits to buy or purchase a reward base on partners available offer. For example, 180 bits is equal to 1 grande coffee?

Any good suggestion to make more excited about this idea? I'm open for feedback or suggestion even this is negative. This idea is still on my planning to build. I just want to ask for the community to validate this idea.

Thank you for the help!