Biz Entrepreneur Seeking Tech Partner/Guidance on sports betting concept

I'm a fairly green entrepreneur but have spent my entire career thus far in the technology space primarily focused on sales, business development, marketing, and ops. I am in early stage mode of a concept around sports betting within the United States and am seeking a tech partner to help me develop the MVP and possibly beyond. I'm really looking to find someone with a passion for sports or gambling who believes in the idea, has experience with ground up mobile development, and is seeking a new, exciting challenge in their own tech journey. Think this might be an area of interest for you? Shoot me a message and I'd love to connect.

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    I want to work with you, but I have also recently been in this field of activity. When the pandemic started, I was fired from my job and decided that it was time to start making money remotely, and I chose online betting. I don't see anything terrible in this since I know that I will not depend on it since it is just a way to make money. The most challenging thing for me was finding a service where I could place bets and safely withdraw the funds received from my games. It's good that my brother once advised me https://cisdetroit.org/, and since then, I've only been playing there. I hope you will also find a great partner in the team and will succeed in your business

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    Interested in speaking with you Ryan, how do I contact you?

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      Great! Would love to connect. You can reach me at [email protected]

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