Blog Post: My Observations on Community-Driven Social

Hey everyone,

I had a random jolt of inspiration a few days ago, and decided to write a blog post about my thoughts on "community-driven social." It's definitely been top of mind for me lately with the emergence of Substack, Clubhouse, Discord, etc but I think "legacy" platforms like FB Messenger are also in a super interesting position.

Let me know what you all think, I'd love to provide any feedback on anything you all are building!


  1. 1

    we need bit and small communities. there's been a move back to "focused communities" as you mentioned... but, this is just natural ebb and flow.

    one side of the world is saying "smaller!!" while the other side is saying "bigger"!

    .. the answer is both.


    so many to choose from: https://www.notion.so/yenio/YENIVERSE-Community-Building-Tools-c425cc4c7038404e85ab64d173b03ed9

    1. 2

      Yeah, I wonder if/how the "unbundling and rebundling" concepts applies to networks. I imagine that it's way easier to unbundle than to rebundle.

      Maybe it takes a new technology/significant event to spur a "rebundling."

      1. 2

        i'm watching the space heavily!

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