Developers November 19, 2020

Blog series on how JavaScript works behind the scenes

Felix Gerschau @felix_gerschau

A few weeks ago I published my first article of this blog series where I explained how the event loop, heap, stack, and callback queue work together to execute asynchronous JavaScript.

Since then, I've published a second one focusing on how memory management works.

I'm not an expert on those topics, but I think this gives me the advantage to teach them in a simple way.

I wanted to share this with you to get some feedback on my writing style and the content in general.

Also, I plan on writing more articles like this one, maybe focusing on how JavaScript is parsed, but I'm open to suggestions as well :)

  1. 1

    Nice write up Felix!

        1. 2

          I did it with adobe animate, which I've never used before. It took me about 4 hours in total 😅

          I wouldn't recommend using it unless you enjoy it and/or want to learn the software.

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