blogwise: product launch

Hi everyone,

I'm a co-founder of blogwise, a software tool to help young businesses build beautiful blogs with custom domain hosting. This tool is targeted for startups as it focuses on facilitating content marketing strategy for small businesses.

We are launching on Monday, March 25 and would love early feedback from the Indie Hackers community!


#product-feedback #launch

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    Hi! Why should someone use your product instead of Ghost?

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      Hi! Thanks for the question. Ghost is geared towards companies where content production is a core competency (such as media publications). blogwise is targeted towards small/medium sized businesses that need to write great content for marketing purposes, but don’t necessarily have a big team dedicated to it.

      blogwise's advantage is in content creation features; we’re a vertically integrated service that makes it easy to both distribute your content and generate content (through PostGenius features). We really believe in making the content creation process easier, and are hoping to get great feedback and suggestions post launch as to how we can continue building out features to facilitate that.

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