Bold Icons Community | Celebrating women making money

Hi Indie Women community,

IH and this group in particular has always focused on supporting founders in building profitable businesses.

For female founders, this matters more than ever:

  • Last fall, 4x as many women dropped out of the workforce compared to men.
  • Women-owned businesses have been hit harder.

Jess Finkle and I have launched Bold Icons, a new community on Instagram and LinkedIn with the belief that there won't be true equality until there's economic equality.

Our goal: feature women building amazing businesses, creating jobs, and doing things a bit differently. Through this, we'll share their stories and businesses with our audience.

We hope to feature the stories of many of you in Indie Women community.

Please support by following us on Instagram and LinkedIn:

We'd love to hear any of your ideas or feedback.

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    Hi Yaya! Would love to connect! I am starting a newsletter with a similar mission.

    1. 1

      Sure @Yufa_Li happy to connect. You can email me at [email protected]

      Wishing you success with your newsletter

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