Design and UX October 28, 2020

Book me for a free 45mins UX feedback and advice session for your product (A 9y experienced product designer and developer) - Round 3

Jim Zarkadas @jimzarkadas

Hello people!

This is my 3rd round of UX sessions for fellow IndieHackers 🤩.

So far I’ve done 35 1-1 sessions and helped others with their product and landing page UX (round 1 and round 2). I also recently started co-hosting a live-stream show called Feedback Friday where me and 2 fellow design experts give design feedback in public.

Book your session

So far it has been a great success, that's why I decided to do another round and open 7 more spots until the end of next week 🙂

👉 Feel free to book your session here

If you don’t make it don’t worry I will open new slots again in the end of next week and will announce in this group.

What you get

  • 45mins 1-1 video call where I present you my feedback as a user and suggest you potential solutions as a product designer.
  • Once we are done with the call I'll send you all of my notes written by email so that you can take another look and ask me any additional questions if needed.

What I ask in return

Nothing. Read below what’s my motivation behind this idea.

Why I am doing this

  • I meet new IndieHackers and expand my network. It feels great to call with others and not stay isolated behind my screen. isn't just a business community. We are like a tribe with solid values and I want to make more connections with people that have a similar mindset.
  • By completing the 1st round of session I realized I enjoy a lot teaching fellow indie developers about UX. I am a huge believer of quality and user-driven products and by doing these sessions I can spread my love and knowledge about it.
  • On top of this I get plenty of insights on what you struggle with when it comes to design. Realizing that I enjoy teaching UX that much I decided to start creating free and paid courses on Gumroad and to tweet daily about UX tips

About me

I am an 9years experienced product designer with an engineering background. I built my own boutique design studio where I reached 120k annual revenue, I worked as the design lead for a marketplace with more than 5 million users and I am now building my own products as IndieHacker. I also document and share my journey to indie-hacking on a weekly basis on my journal called "12 months to IndieHacking"

Feel free to comment your thoughts or questions below!

Looking forward to meeting you 🙌

  1. 1

    Hi Jim,
    This sounds awesome! Having said that, I went to book, and apparently there are no more times Oct/Nov? 😢

    1. 2

      Hey hey! I will open new slots next week and will announce it here on this group in and on my twitter profile. My goal is to do this every week and keep it going so just keep an eye on it and I am sure you ‘ll make it 😉

      1. 1

        Got it, thanks! Will keep an eye out 👀 or two :D

          1. 1

            Booked, thanks! Please see my message on the other thread.

  2. 1

    Thank you so much for doing this. I definitely need your expert opinions for Doesign. I just scheduled one session with you. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    1. 1

      Perfect! No problem, always happy to help :)

  3. 1

    Hi Jim, props from me! Booked a session and looking forward to it.

    1. 1

      Awesome, looking forward to meeting you!

  4. 1

    I got feedback from Jim a few months ago. Definitely improved Also a very nice, pleasant to talk to guy!

    Thanks Jim.

  5. 1

    Wow, thanks so much for your offer, Jim! Really looking forward to this!!

    1. 1

      No problem happy to help! Same here :)

  6. 1

    Hi Jim! I think that’s what you are doing is amazing, share value with other and create connection it’s wonderful 😚 , I’ve just schedule a call with you 🙂

  7. 1

    Thanks for doing this! :) Hope people get some value out of your UX critiques.

    Are you the sole person working at befoolish? I checked out the work there and it looks nice!

    1. 1

      No problem happy to help!

      Regarding befoolish thanks for your kind words! We were 3 people in total. Me and as founders and then Ioanna, an amazing girl we hired as the illustrator of our team.

      I was the engineer back then of the team with no design experience, and I actually learned how to design through Yannis and Ioanna haha.

      Feels like the best investment of my life so far :)

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