Booking more meetings with cold email

Lots of guides on sending good cold emails... Almost none about taking a positive reply to a booked meeting!

Figured we'd fill that gap and help Indie Hackers close more sales with cold email and outbound.

We created a full guide on how to reply to different situations in a cold email conversation:

Would love your thoughts!

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    Thanks for the article! Very informative!! Quick question: what respond rate do you usually expect from cold emails?

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      Glad it's helpful!

      15% reply rate is where I feel like things are really working - above that and you're doing fantastic as far as reply rate. Generally, this isn't possible with serious personalization and a very relevant offer for the perfect ideal customer - so that's where to start :-)

      However, imho it's all about meetings booked rate. In a perfect world 10%+ meeting booked rate from the sends is a good KPI (short of just measuring sales/ROI).

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    Include a calendly link in your email....... problem solved :)

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      Depends on the industry my friend ;-) That almost never works from our experience.

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