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Bookmarked — A no-code app created in 28 days

Hey Indie Hacker community! 😺

I'm excited to share a new way for you to find & share resources w/ other indie hackers!

→ https://bookmarked.app

Bookmarked allows anyone to create, share, and browse curated bookmark collections in your niche! (Design, programming, startups, etc)

👥 Create, share, and browse curated bookmark collections
⚡ Built with @bubble #nocode
⛳ Easy to use — & free!

Not sure about you, but my Chrome bookmarks bar has multiple folders (50+ resources each) surrounding business articles, design inspiration, and helpful tutorials that I always refer back to.

With the assumption that other people do this as well, I decided to create a product that would help share these curated resources with others!

I hope you find this website useful and I look forward to your feedback!

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