Meta January 22, 2021

Bookmarking posts on Indie Hackers


There is a lot of value on Indie Hackers and I have learned a lot here. Since I have been actively following the community I notice that I try to find certain posts back a lot, or I plan to read them later. Right now I mainly resort to searching back with the search bar but this isn't ideal. My main issue is that there is no built in bookmark feature on this website, and I think it's a feature that would be really useful and would be more helpful for the users.

PS: I know I can use third-party services for this problem, but I personally don't like to do that, I think there are others that would agree.

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    I would love to see something like this on Indiehackers.

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    I so much second this! I wanted to write this myself, for so long :D

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    What's keeping you from just using the bookmark feature in your browser?

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      Mainly because it's annoying to organize and find browser bookmarks when it comes to a lot of social media/community posts and articles. I used to do it, but I keep my browser bookmarks much simpler and cleaner nowadays. It seems more intuitive to me to be able to bookmark on a website that is about sharing knowledge and bringing value to others.

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    I can't find my own posts. Either I load more or try my chances on Google dorking.

    Bookmarking could be a good feature to have but I'm certain from myself that I'd use that much that it becomes useless for me.

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