Boost your conversion rate by advertising in relevant newsletters

Unless you've really got your ad campaigns dialed in, you're probably wasting money by advertising to the wrong people. Get more bang for your buck by placing advertisements in niche newsletters instead.

@AdrienJarthon of updown.io ($4,000/mo) started targeting potential customers more directly when he purchased ad space from two newsletters in his industry. Just like that, his conversion rate was 5x what it had been with Google Adsense, and the leads were higher-quality. If you don't know of a good newsletter to try, ask colleagues or customers in your niche what their favorite blogs are. Or use a search engine to narrow down newsletter candidates with a query like: "Best newsletters for [enter your niche here]".

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  1. 1

    Is there a newsletter directory or search engine? That'll make everyone's life much easier. I tried looking for "best/top newsletters for gifts" and I couldn't find a lot of relevant results. A service that's focused on this would be great help!

    1. 2

      I don't know of any directories for this. When advertising in a newsletter, it's usually best to find one that is very, very specific to your niche. Because of that, it's hard to recommend one place for everyone to find a newsletter. I hope you find something!

    2. 2

      Not sure are gifts covered, but this one is not bad https://discover.getrevue.co/
      How exactly you would do a newsletter for gifts? It would be a bunch of affiliated links and promoted products that might or might not match your interests or ideas for gifts.

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