Bootcamp for founders, not for landing a dev job.

Hello everyone, i'm looking for full-time and preferable presencial coding bootcamp where i can learn full-stack web dev. My goal is to learn enough to understand and launch quick MVP's.

It would be great if is full-time and presencial to meet people with the same mindset. Could be in any part of the world.

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    I believe Bubble has paid bootcamps that help you learn and launch products.

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    tbh, most bootcamps are geared towards jobs as bootcamps often act as recruiters and get paid 10-30% of a developer's first year salary. So they charge students and companies! Not all of them do but many do.

    That said, Pat Walls went to a bootcamp and then founded Starter Story


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    Quick MVP web projects can take so many forms. For instance some people would attempt them in low code or a tool like WordPress. Even meeting people with the same mindset is hazy because your quick MVP and someone else's could be worlds apart. (You're thinking 6 weeks and they are thinking 6 months.)

    If you are not really concrete about what you are trying to do its going to be hard to achieve it or get advice on achieving it.

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      Im a big fan of no-code but i think i can break some barriers by understanding code. Using no-code and launching as fast as possible is always the priority, but for example right now i want to build and test a DeFi app and there is no way i can build a MVP to find product market fit with just no-code.

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        I know its not popular to say around here but testing market fit with a hastily created "MVP" is not as easy as many would tell you. You can read http://www.usermethod.com/posts/posts/0001GarageEntrepreneurs.html

        I think you are likely better off just talking to people about what you are planning then trying to get someone to use a quickly thrown together product by someone who doesn't code. As much as the lean startup people protest users are clearly getting sick of being fooled into using market test products.

        Plus if you put the effort into Googling instead of coding you might just find a competitor that proves market fit - https://www.blocksocial.com/ethereum-defi-platforms

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    I'm not sure I see a meaningful difference. In what way would you want a bootcamp for founders to be different?

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      Sure, i think is mostly is about the networking, meeting guys with the same mindset can help you boost your goal, and maybe the stack you learn? i think some technologies are more suited to build business and validate faster.

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