Brand builder going into app building

Hi everyone, 👋

I came across IH through a podcast and thought I'd give it a go.
I am a female founder of multiple brands and run my own independent company where I help clients build and design (so business model as well as actual branding and design) brands. This I do for a living.

On the side, I run a boutique sports apparel business selling to personal training only gyms here in Shanghai and I'm creating 2 apps. My expertise is in the UX/UI and for the development of the 1st app, I have a developer/software engineer as a partner as there are only so many skills I feel I need to master myself 😉.

App 1 is in simple terms a training performance management app focused on weightlifting and bodybuilding (or anything hybrid within this realm) as this is my passion. It is not a beginner app where there is a database to teach you how to do certain exercises. It really focused on intermediate and advanced (or beginners with a bit of basic knowledge) who are trying to manage in order to track and improve performance. This is the MVP stage. Phase 1 will expand with personal trainer linking functions as well as nutrition tracking. Phase 2 will integrate a social community (squat) approach. This app is built as part of my apparel brand in order to elevate its value proposition.
A hidden objective of the app is to get more female lifters comfortable and exposed to like-minded peers within this sport. As especially here in Asia this is still something of a "taboo". If I lift weights I become huge (if only it was that easy). For this app, I'm looking for some insights on the development backend that might help me and my partner get ahead of some bumps or opportunities in the development that some of you might have encountered in a similar built.

App 2 will be a SaaS app for entrepreneurs and peer-funders. The focus is more on the entrepreneurs and providing them with concrete frameworks to map out their business and build a brand upon that model. Work frames in this app are aligned with what VCs and investors normally look at when looking for new companies but it is not the objective. It is to get small founders and entrepreneurs to think more tactically about starting a business. As in my line of work, I get in contact with many small-medium businesses and they always tend to focus on the wrong things in the stages they reach out. And by the time they approach me for either re-branding or consult the fees, they will have to pay are out of budget (as they've burned through most of it already). Most also don't want to pay fees for business and brand strategy as at that point their backs are against the wall and they want instant change (if only it was that easy). So built on my business education, combined with my years of actual work experience as a consultant, founder, creative I want to design this tool to get ahead of the problem. Intended for internal use at first, I see there is actually a commercializing angle to this to grow it more efficiently. For this, I'm trying to see how to best design the pricing structure.

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    Thats awesome! Ive been in the app dev world for 5+ years as an app developer myself. Let me know if you have any questions! I would love to beta test your apps. :)

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      Thank you so much! will certainly do. As all my ventures are bootstrapped and built on a shared resources model for lean iteration, I have to wait for my developer to start the coding as currently, we are wrapping up a client project.

      Have you done any apps with a social community or nutrition tracking aspect to it?

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