Landing Page Feedback February 19, 2020

Brand spankin' new homepage for Art in Res

John Sillings @johnsillings

Hey all, we took a LOT of your advice and revamped our homepage. It would mean a ton to us if you checked it out and gave us a new round of feedback!

Here's what we changed:

  • Show the artwork right away!
  • No account required to browse the artwork.
  • Tweaks to artwork tiles.
  • Clarified pricing a bit in the UI.
  • Other stuff!

Would love to hear what y'all think. Be honest, be ruthless, ask me to return the favor!

  1. 2

    I think the design's fantastic! What tech is it built with?

    1. 1

      thank you so much! react + rails :)

      @danmchugh and @johnfriel can tell you more specifics, if you're interested!

      1. 1

        I'm really interested!

  2. 2

    I like it. I follow the website and it has a similar feel. The color palette complements the work without being intrusive. Great navigation; I would have no problems finding something I wanted to buy. The artist profiles are inviting. Looks like you covered all the bases. Saving to my favorites.

    1. 1

      wow, thanks so much! so happy to hear that we hit all the marks for you!

      i'm super curious - if you don't mind me asking - why did you save to favorites rather than create an account? (or did you also create an account?) just wondering!

      1. 2

        It was good enough to save for now, but not enough to commit to an email list. I can't afford to invest at the moment. I figured I'd get back to the site eventually to explore more.

  3. 2

    This has come a long way from the earlier version and it looks amazing ! It's also much more functional .All the required information is more easily accessible.I especially love being able to browse the artist gallery in the home page itself. The testimonial section is also really nicely done. This looks good on the mobile too!

    1. 1

      you've been following our journey! super flattered. and i'm so glad to hear you like this version so much more. (i do, too ;))

      and thanks for giving it a spin on mobile!

  4. 2

    @johnsillings I love both the concept and the execution of it. The website looks great on mobile and flows smoothly. In addition, I am a big fan of providing artists with a great platform to showcase their talent. Job well done, my friend! 🙃

    1. 1

      hey, thanks so much! it's been an extremely gratifying project to be on :) i love working with artists.

      1. 2

        @johnsillings Absolutely! After thoroughly checking out the site, I'm giving very serious consideration to filling out an Artist Application. I can definitely get behind what you're doing with this. 🙂

        1. 1

          cool - that means a ton!

          it's sort of weird to convey on our collector-facing app & sales pages, but our positioning as an artist-friendly platform is super important to us - so, would love to hear your feedback on that, one way or another - especially if you end up applying :)

          1. 2

            I think you've nailed it! One of the coolest perks (imho) of Indie Hackers is just the breadth and diversity of talent and skills present on here at any given time - I've gotten to check out some really cool projects/MVPs/sites. Art in Res is fantastic!

            Your positioning is just spot on! I just signed up for an account and the entire process, from A-Z, was nothing less than professionally done. I really like how you've developed a way to show the contrast in size for a particular piece! 😁 The devil is in the details.

            Yes, compared to many other 'artist-first' engagement platforms, I can tell that you and the team genuinely care. There is so much attention to detail present in everything from the landing page, to the onboarding process, all the way to the artist's just brilliantly executed!

            I can't say enough about it. On behalf of everyone artistically-inclined, creative, slightly left of center - thank you!

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    Amazing concept, I'm sending this to my artist friend that did my logo!

  6. 1

    Hey @johnsillings! I was going to review your website and post the link in my thread where I review landing pages in exchange for help with my launch, but... your website is great!

    I love how it all works for the main goal of converting visitors into creating an account but doesn't limit the option to explore and receive value first. And the idea is great - if I wasn't leaving overseas I would order something for myself as it solves the problem of quality art being too expensive right away. And it helps artists as well!

    Good job! I wish Art in Res all the best!

    1. 1

      thank you so, so much! so glad to hear that the payment model works for you, too :)

      (also, i think you linked the wrong thread? update the link and/or email me so i can check out your thread!)

      1. 1

        @johnsilillings thanks! I updated the link just in case anyone else will need help with reviewing their pages.

        Good luck with Art in Res! :)

  7. 1

    Really like the look of it and that you're immediately in the product. The facebook-blue CTA button is the only thing that doesn't appeal to my taste, but that could be only my subjective opinion :)

    1. 1

      awesome, that was definitely the ~big~ change from the old landing page, so i'm so happy that you like it.

      also, re: the blue CTA button, noted! :)

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