Brave browser is bringing private recommendations

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    For those looking for the crux...

    From their blog, federated learning btw came much earlier. Working in it for few years now.

    To avoid collecting users behavior data in the service of recommendations, Brave is proposing “a new framework for making on-device privacy-preserving recommendations that doesn’t require user interaction data to be collected on a server.”  Brave is using a technique it calls “Federated Learning With Privacy”

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    I love Brave, but sometimes I feel they keep on doing too many “side-projects” without focusing on their core offering which is a browser.

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      I love it too. It has been my default browser forever now.

      I actually asked their VP once about implementing a feature in brave as third party open source library and he said it's a great idea but they want to develop it inhouse. Now the feature is still in discussion after 6 months 😂

      Maybe they want to keep as much control as possible thereby needing them to do many of these side projects.

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