Twitter September 5, 2020

Break Into Tech with Twitter

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    This Book is 30 plus pages of actionable advice and resources told from my experience using social media over 10 years to get really cool opportunities!

    Priced at $10

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    I bought it and read it to see what Will said. This is worth so much more than $10. His advice is grounded and honest. I love it.

    So I bought 10 more copies to gift to people who are early in their career trying to build their network, but are willing to put in the work instead of cheap growth hacks.

    If that's you, email me. [email protected]

    Will gave me a code that works 10x that I'll share with you. Priority given to BIPOC and women.

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    Will is the man! Definitely going to pick up a copy for myself

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