Bring Back One-Time Sales

I work in SaaS. I have built SaaS apps. It's very profitable, but it's also very exhausting. Beyond that, SaaS brings with it a lack of ownership. For everyone who remembers going to CompUSA or Egghead or any other old computer store and buying a physical copy of some piece of software, don't you miss those days a little bit?

The web is amazing. I've written about why we need to protect it and keep it open. But I also love the idea of desktop apps and mobile apps that do not require subscriptions. Buy it once and own it forever is an interesting proposition to me, even now in the days of short-life-cycle-devices.

As I continue working on SaaS apps and on the web, I want to dabble more and more in native apps that can be purchased for a one-time fee. My first attempt at this is Write/Sprint, a writing sprint timer app. For any bloggers, poets, fiction writers, or anyone else that writes anything this is a fun and productive way to hold yourself accountable. Give it a look!

My next one-time payment app will likely be a macOS desktop app.

I'm curious if there are any other IndieHackers out there building for the one-time payment market (i.e. the old school software market).

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