Landing Page Feedback January 17, 2021

Brutal landing page feedback requested.

Brent Smith @smithgeek

Hey awesome Indie Hackers! I'd love to hear any of your brutally honest feedback on our landing page.

It's a tool to help businesses understand why customers are leaving and give them an opportunity to save some of those customers. We wanted to make something for other indie hackers to use (friendly pricing) as well as not hostile to customers that are trying to cancel.

Landing Page: Product Shuttle

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    I enjoyed reading that. I like that there's a risk-free option - smart.

    In terms of being brutal, just two minor points:

    • that hanging orphan "Cancel" is really jarring. It would fit if you retitled the section "Find out why your users cancel"

    • I'd love to see a screenshot of what important metrics you can show me. The other sections are fine being in the abstract, but in this one it feels like one where you can show the detail.

    Other than that, good job!

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    The look of the page is really nice! The wording is what needs tweaked, in my opinion. I'd need to take more time to suggest alternative wording, but here are some examples.

    Try Cancelling Demo
    This confused me. I'd drop 'cancelling' or try out a diff word.

    No Dark Patterns
    If your customers know what this means, then great. But it was another question mark for me.

    Other paragraphs/descriptions seemed a bit lengthy.

    Def way better than my current landing page though! What did you build it with?

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      Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for pointing out some wording that could be improved, I understand what you mean.

      The landing page uses tailwind and is based off of an open source template I found last year on github. I'll try and find the exact one when I'm at my desktop next.

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    Nice landing page!

    My feedback in no specific order:

    • Looks like there is too little space between your logo on top left and page border.
    • The pricing of the free plan is really confusing. 30% of saved revenue? How can you measure that?
    • Visually, the Enterprise plan seems to be with the least features. Can you put some features for its card?
    • "Cancelling Demo" is a confusing term (at least for me). Maybe you can use a more clear phrase.
    • "Links, Legal, Company" text color does not work well with the background.
    • You have used "Canceling" and "Cancelling" in your page. I think the first one is correct.
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    Aren't there already plenty of these around?
    Hate the header gradiet colors, the blues clash with the buttons, it's just a big range of colors
    why are both buttons reverse colors?

    The demo looks like I won't even look at that "contact support" thingy, I kinda automatically press the cancel

    I hate that "NEVERMIND" for some reason, maybe due to caps

    This pricing page is like crazy

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