No-Code July 7, 2020

Bubble is great, but .....


Bubble is great, but I have noticed how much it costs to get a developer on board for it. Considering that it is a MVP type of resource... I find it hard to justify the prices that some people charge. I could be wrong, but that is just my opinion.

What tools and resources have some of your used for Bubble? Videos that explain it well enough or websites to find great talent that can provide some direction on a project?

Thank you in advance!

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    Please don't use these kinds of titles, I've seen enough on Youtube.

    Imagine all IH post use a clickbaity title, it would ruin the experience.

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      On one end to see what you're saying, but on the other end I'm not really selling anything. This is sincerely me posting a title without trying to create any sort of clickbait. Everyone thing if I was trying to post a clickbait title with the intent of getting views or the intent of submitting a review or trying to accumulate points of some sort.
      I'm not doing a review and I'm honestly just posting an opinion out of frustration from trying to find a solution to something. I apologize if I ruined your experience oh, but I do understand your grievance.
      I'm new to the site and I rarely post if anything on this community.

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    Bubble is great, but I have noticed how much it costs to get a developer on board for it.

    Sounds funny to me. I always thought about bubble as a no-code platform what means you don't need any developers at all. Am I missing something?

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      I literally thought that it's no-code. Might as well use Visual Composer or Elementor to build out a site on WP with a cheap but professional as hell template and pay <$100 to have a WP management company look after the hard parts.

      I really think these companies overlook the fact that people are lazy and learning something new, even when it's "no-code" just is not going to happen.

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        Haha, thanks it's probably not very obvious (about the laziness).

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      Maybe a difference if opinion? Some people say low code and some people say no code. I think that either way sometimes it would require a learning curve or a "developer" who has mastered the platform to present some assistance with integrating API, CSS and other things. Either way, I personally think that the learning curve is steep, but its okay because it allows for a lot more flexibility than Wordpress IMO. However, I dont take issue with it being referred to as low code or no code.... I just care about building the best MVP :).

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        For me "NO-code" can't be considered and "no-code" if it turned out to be "low-code".
        NO-Code means gaining the desired results with NO coding :) no compromises!

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          I think thats a fair opinion. Thank you for sharing.... :).

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    No code developers are a lot cheaper than traditional developers. But yes, development is expensive, as it's a highly sought after skill.

    In terms of learning bubble, you can check free/paid tutorials on various sites. I'd suggest starting out with youtube and then maybe leaning into paid programs if you're up for it. We at have both paid and free tutorials, as well as 1-on-1 sessions to get you up to speed with the bubble learning curve.

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      I've actually looked into it and your service and I remember that it does look really interesting. I guess that I was confused about what would be considered plugin development or custom cut since it's not included in the service . However, I do remember looking at your website and thinking that it was I really cool idea or tool or resource! I will definitely send you guys an email to look into it!

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    I love no code, but it would be much better to call it low code.

    It requires a lot of effort to learn these tools and the more advanced, the higher the learning curve.

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      I agree. It does have quite a learning curve, but I am impressed with how much you can do with it. I probably just need to buckle down more and try harder. It's my own fault for posting out of frustration

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    Our agency charges around 15$/hour, I wouldn't call that expensive.
    What are you trying to build?