Build and run API automation in minutes

We wanted to create an automation platform that ran on API calls. The premise is simple –

  1. Add as many API calls as you want
  2. use the output from the previous call, into any of the subsequent calls
  3. add dynamic fields to the api call inputs
  4. link them all together into a workflow

The workflow platform would have all the basic functionalities like looping data, conditions, multiple trigger options - with a clean and simple approach to workflow building.

And after a year of tinkering and working with clients, we are ready to let early adopters in. (link: https://pathfix.com/automation/ )

alt text

If you are open to try/test out the API based system, join the waitlist and add ‘IH’ in the comments. We will push you up on the list and I will personally reach out to you and get your thought :)

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