Build in Public with more than 280 characters.

Your users need to understand your journey and process in order to be fully invested in your product. With Twitter's 280 characters, it's not possible to go deep.

So we have been working on a product that might help you build in public by writing about your product, having the network effects for users to read, building a community on shared interest (i.e. your product).

Visit https://brytebook.com/

We are still in Beta version. Testing out things and getting feedback. If you are interested in shaping the future version. Please reach out to me on: https://twitter.com/samyakr_

It is still the beginning of the product, most of the core features are still not there but if you try out what is there and provide feedback that could eventually shape the final version of the product.

Currently, you can:

  • write about interesting things.
  • collect ideas for later by bookmarking them.
  • share your ideas with others.

The core features that we want in brytebook are (future features):

  • ability to curate the ideas that you like the most
  • setting up community with your blog
  • monetize your work with tips and selling digital products.

If you would like to try out brytebook. Just sign up on the main website.

After that I'll send the invite code soon and after that you can create your account and publish your ideas.

Thanks a lot. I hope you are happy and safe.

Best, Samyak

Would you be interested in Building in Public with Brytebook.
  1. Yes. (Great, sign up!)
  2. No. (Let us know in the comments why not)
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