Build spaced repetition into your community

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    Great read, Rosie! I loved the part on creative ways to apply the mental model of spaced repetition in communities.

    I'd elaborate by drawing more analogies. For example, in spaced repetition, we have the forgetting curve which shows the memory decay. In communities, we may have the "value entropy curve", which shows the values decay. How can we counteract it?

    If the trick to memory is to almost forget, then the trick to values is to almost not do/act on them. What can we do in our communities to incentivise members to regularly act on the desired values?

    Otherwise, our community may die by pacifism ;)

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      Oh, I love "value entropy curve", I'd love the opportunity to brainstorm on this further.

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        I was just riffing off your idea. All credit goes to you 😃 Sure, let's brainstorm. I'll DM you on twitter.

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    This is a thing I wrote.

    It's also a thing I'd love to dive into deeper.

    I'd love any feedback!

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    This has definitely got me thinking @rosiesherry - thanks for the great read!

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