Building a Business in Public thru Podcasting

Hey, what’s goin on Indie Hackers? My first post here, heard lots about Indie Hackers.

Some background about me, create a fitness clothing brand, sold on Amazon ($4k monthly rev) and dropshipping at break even or less and most recently helped my brick and mortar go from $0 to $250k in 10 months during a pandemic.

I recently bought, in feb 2021, a small online live fitness company which I’ve been documenting on a podcast. I’ve also got a bunch of guests I’m interviewing related to buying and building online business.

Go here if you’d like to check out my journey and guests related to buy and building!


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    @darryllim Way to go with the hustle? Did you help the local store using paid ads?

    Also, BuyBuildpod looks great! I'll definitely give that a listen.

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      Thank you @harshvijay! Appreciate it Harsh! Hope you like the pod

      Yes, I used paid social ads. I read on trends and listened to My First Million which helped with the original idea, we were first to market and i was able to do cold outreach to media which ended up being PR which I turned into local paid ads, as well as a video promo we created! We also had Michael Buble come by and post about us on his social media a couple months ago!

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        This is really good progress! Keep it up haha.

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          Thank you very much! Appreciate ya Harsh!

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    Looking good Darryl! Which guests do you have lined up?

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      Thanks @PeeJay - appreciate the compliment. Great question.

      We have recorded and post a few which include:

      • Andrew Gazdecki (@MicroAcquire, CEO of Microacquire and INC. top 30 under 30
      • Spencer Scott (@Squb, Owner and operator of Median (hellomedian.com)
      • David Horne @davidhorne & Marty Balkema from Calm Capital with 10 businesses in their portfolio
      • Tom Mucklow of Superco and Trtle (Shopify app)
      • Adam Parnes of SocialWave and owns a DTC brand that’s doing $1.3M in annual sales

      A few guests who have agreed and we will record soon:

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        Had a blast on the pod! Keep up the good work!

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          Thanks for volunteering and opening up about your whole experience!

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        Excited to chat with you guys!

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          Pumped to have you on!

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        Excellent line-up!! Looking forward to Daniel Scott Mitchell especially as I heard about that contest on MFM.

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          We’re chatting and recording with him today! Should be a fun one

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        It was a lot of fun. @darryllim and @nscalf are fantastic hosts!

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          Thank you David, we had a great time learning about you and Marty and the business. We'll get ya on again soon!

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    Hey Darryl, thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! Congrats on your achievements and your fifth podcast episode! Would love to know what inspired you to start a podcast (rather than, say, a blog or newsletter)?

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      Thanks @tessl ! I’ve always wanted to talk to others and get to know them, it’s a great way to network. With newsletter or a blog, it’s very independent and I’m not a great writer anyways.

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        That makes complete sense. You're right, it's this personal interaction with others that's so special about podcasting. I stopped my first (monologue) podcast after a year even though it was going well because without other people involved it more and more felt like a chore. All the best to yours!

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    Hey everyone, I’m Nick, the cohost of Buy and Build. One of the major things we wanted to explore in this podcast is that there’s a third path people don’t really talk about (it’s usually build vs get a job). I’m really excited about some of the conversations we having coming soon for you all!

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      Nice to have ya here finally @nscalf - lol

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