Building a data & research tool focused on Micro-SaaS, with a partner I met on Indie Hackers. What are your thoughts?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a project that I'm working on and will be building in public, Marketplace Apps (www.marketplaceapps.co) We provide datasets for common Micro-SaaS marketplaces such as Chrome, Shopify and others (i.e. Atlassian - coming soon).

Our goal is to make it easy for our users to source acquisition opportunities, research the market and monitor competitors using our datasets and tools.

I'm working on this project with Lukasz Wiktor. We decided to collaborate on it after he commented on a post I made related to the topic on another community forum within Indie Hackers. We realised we both were building similar tools so we decided to team up and collaborate!

The link to the MVP is (www.marketplaceapps.co). We have a datasets for both Chrome and Shopify already including advanced data points such as First/Last review dates, Pricing Plans, First Seen Date and many more.

We'd love for your feedback and if you are interested in taking up the product please get in touch!

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    This is a very smart idea! I assume you are getting the data by crawling? Are there any legal issues with acquiring data this way?

    Good luck. I can think of other marketplaces you can do, starting with wordpress plugins, which is a massive market.

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      Yes that's right. We've built the scrapers to pull the information. We also run several transformations and add in additional calculated fields to enrich the data and drive more insights. For example, we are planning on adding the number of reviews over time as an indicator of traction.

      Re legal issues, there are similar products in the traditional investment space that use crawlers to build and enrich datasets for sale. For example Pitchbook, Traxcn, Crunchbase use these techniques. It is slightly different but there is precedence.

      Great idea on wordpress plugins! We'll take a look into that. Any other ideas or if you would like to give it a try please let me know!

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