Building a horizontal slider with Tailwind and Stimulus

Hi folks!

In my ongoing quest to share what I learn as I build Vestimonials and to convince folks who haven't tried it yet that Stimulus is probably more than enough JavaScript for whatever project they're working on, I wrote this article on building a horizontal slider that can be used for galleries of images, quotes, or videos.

In Vestimonials, I use a very similar component to this for embedding an arbitrarily sized set of videos on external websites. You might find a similar component useful for product preview images or as an alternative to grid-based layouts of customer quotes or team photos

You can find the article on Medium (friend link) or on dev.to.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the approach I've taken. What alternatives should I have looked at for this problem? It was harder than I expected to solve this problem than I expected when I mocked up the idea - maybe I missed a great library that could have done this for me?

Thanks for reading!

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