Building a New Hire, Onboarding Plan

I spent some time building out a "new hire" / "onboarding plan" and workflow this past week and I wanted to share how I put this together.

First, I realized that there isn't an obvious way to systematically learn about our company, despite the copious amount of information that's available about us via our open source handbook.

In other words, there wasn't a "guide" or a easy-to-understand path to understanding all of who we are and how we operate as a team.

So, I started to jot the most-important, high-level areas that a new hire should know about:

Then, I took these areas and created an ordered list or "agenda" of these topics in my notebook:

I then realized that I could better expand on these topics by throwing them into a Notion doc and then providing more context:

I've recorded a few more thoughts via the vlog as well, if you want more of my thoughts.

The end-result is an infinitely-reusable document for folks who join our company and who, after a 60-90 minute meeting, have an incredibly-accurate and up-to-date look at who we are, how we operate, and what they can expect to experience now that they've joined us.

It also helps establish a baseline of what I and the rest of the team expect from them so we can be a worldclass team.

A hiring / onboarding plan isn't hard, but, most folks never really think much about it and usually it's because they don't understand how impactful it can really be:

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