Ideas and Validation November 24, 2020

Building a new Travel Community - Any suggestions for a Name?


Hi! I recently have started working on a new platform for travellers.
Many times before I spent hours thinking on a name... I think that with a small brainstorming with you guys I can save those hours and find a name very quickly. I know that name isn't the thing I should focus on right now... But that exactly the purpose of this post...

My new platform is a place where hikers and travellers can easily share there "story travel"

Here the name I thought of so far:

  1. HikerStory
  2. HikerStories

Thanks in advance for the helpers - Naveh =)

  1. 3

    Bonfire 🔥 or campfire.
    connected with either travellers or hikers.
    It resembles a comfortable environment where people can come together and share stories.

    hikertell / hikertale

    1. 2

      I liked bonfire.
      however hikertale sound little bit odd dont you think?

      1. 1

        I prefer bonfire and the narrative there a lot more than hikertale for sure.

  2. 1

    You may also want to incorporate something about Remote -- as many of us are, now. I spent 4 months of this time traveling and would love to join a community surrounding this.

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